--Some of the different types of equipment we have on our sewing floor.--


0-Max can set rubber to arm holes and leg holes in bodywear.                            This 2n coverstitch hems after the 0-Max sets the rubber


This Juki Overlock is set up for gathering.                                                           This serger can produce a merrowed edge as seen in the photo.


Lockstitch single needle; hemming, seaming, etc.                                               This flat bed cover stitch machine is set up for 2 needle coverstitch.


This flat bed cover stitch machine is set up for binding.                                     Blindstitch used for hemming.


"Feed off the arm" uses include neck binding on T-shirts.                                  Another "Feed off the arm" machine set up for inseams.


Yamato multineedle set up for triple line waistband hemming.                          Another  multineedle machine set up for 4 line waistband hemming.


Another hemming option comes from zigzag machines as seen here.                We have automatic button and nonautomatic button machines here.


Juki buttonholer                                                                                                   Onsite embroidery graphics keeping it all here.

Automatic screen printing press with a very large 19 x 21.5" print area.

Heatpress is a good for graphics and ornaments on apparel

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